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Why Choose This Course?

1. Flexibility: Learn at your own pace with our prerecorded courses, accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

2. Interactive Learning: Dive into a comprehensive curriculum filled with practical Self-Determination and Independent Facilitator processes, templates, and example videos.

3. Exclusive Community: Join the student IF Network, a community exclusively for Independent Facilitators.

4. Certification: Earn a certification, validating your expertise and dedication.

Whether you're stepping into the world of self-determination or looking to deepen your existing skills, this course offers everything you need to succeed as an Independent Facilitator. Perfect for professionals, Service Coordinators, Parent-Advocates and anyone eager to learn from an Independent Facilitator's perspective.

Great New! Now you can watch the videos with Subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

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Guidebooks and Support:

The Complete Independent Facilitator Training Guidebook: Receive both a digital and hardcopy version of our guidebook as part of your learning journey. This easy-to-follow manual is your companion through the self-determination process, enriched with free templates and resources to enhance your understanding and application of the material.

Personalized Coaching/Mentor Support: Benefit from one-on-one sessions with our seasoned Independent Facilitators. These personalized coaching opportunities allow you to dive deeper into your specific questions and challenges, ensuring you're prepared to navigate the complexities of the self-determination program effectively.

Discover IFTA's Specialized Courses

Master the California In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program Certificate Course:

Unlock the intricacies of the IHSS program with essential insights into eligibility, applications, and maximizing services. Benefit from practical tools and templates.

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The Foundations Caregiver Certification Course:

Tailored for caregivers of children with special needs, this course offers strategies for personalized care plans and engaging activities.

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Coming in Mid-2025:

1. Leadership & Communication Skills: Boost your leadership with effective communication techniques, conflict resolution, and public speaking skills.

2. Understanding the Law for RC Consumers (FREE Course): Navigate the legal aspects affecting Regional Center consumers with this essential guide.

3. Running an Independent Facilitator Business: Grow your business with insights into case management, PCP processes, and grant applications.

Exciting Update:

Our Continued Education Membership Program Relaunch!

Coming This April: A New Era of Learning and Engagement

We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of our Continued Education Membership Program, designed to bring our community closer and enhance your learning experience.

Here's what's new:

-Enhanced Community Engagement: Dive into a world where learning meets interaction. Our revamped platform is all about connecting you with peers and experts in the field.

Streamlined Access to Resources: Navigate with ease through our intuitive tabs to find training videos, templates, and guidebooks. Everything you need, all in one place.

-Interactive Calendar: Stay up-to-date with group meetings and special guest sessions on pivotal SDP topics. Register through our active calendar and never miss an event.

Dynamic Community Section: Engage in lively discussions, share insights, and connect with members through posts, comments, likes, and more. Our community section is designed for real-time interaction and learning.

Integrated Classroom: Our classroom section seamlessly combines courses with community, offering modules, videos, and resources right where the conversation happens.

-Reward System: Learning is more fun when it's rewarding! Earn points, levels, and rewards for engaging with the community and completing courses.

-Personalized Interaction: Chat with members, follow topics of interest, receive notifications, and customize your learning experience to suit your preferences.


Ready to Elevate Your Learning Experience?

Stay tuned for our April relaunch and get ready to join a vibrant community dedicated to making a difference.

Why Choose IFTA?

Choosing IFTA means joining a community committed to empowerment, education, and excellence. Our academy stands out for its:

1.   Skill Enhancement: Elevate your expertise and refine your abilities with our comprehensive training programs.

2.   Boosted Confidence: Gain the confidence needed to excel in your role and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those you support.

3.   Comprehensive Training: Our programs are meticulously designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the field of disability advocacy and support.

4.   Convenient Learning: With our online platform, learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, ensuring your educational journey fits your life.

5.   Certification: Upon completion of our courses, receive certifications that recognize your expertise and dedication to making a difference.

A Message from the Founder

Video of Rosie Introducing IFTA services.

IFTA Logo in Soanish

The all Spanish

Independent Facilitator Training Academy

coming soon!!

Si necesitas cursos en español, no busques más.

La Academia de Capacitación para

Facilitadores Independientes

en español abrirá en Noviembre 2024.

Todos los cursos, materiales y entrenamiento se ofrecerán en español.

Meet the Founder

Rosie Lasca is a highly accomplished and passionate advocate for self-determination. With over 14 years of experience as a leader and trainer, she has established herself as an expert in independent facilitator training. Ms. Lasca is the founder of the Independent Facilitator Training Academy (IFTA), which provides comprehensive training and certification in the field of independent facilitation. Her goal is to empower trainee independent facilitators to establish their own successful businesses while helping Self-Determination participants achieve their hopes and dreams.

Ms. Lasca holds a degree in Communication, Social Science Behaviors, and a minor in Disability Studies from UCLA. She has conducted extensive research on echolalia, a communication method used by nonverbal children with autism, and has proposed innovative ways to integrate body language to express specific needs.

As a business owner, Ms. Lasca is well-versed in running a successful business and has worked closely with civil judges, where she has gained valuable insights into legal resolution strategies. She is also an expert in employee law and can provide guidance on employment issues such as sexual harassment, contracts, discrimination, and various other workplace disputes.

Ms. Lasca's dedication to self-determination is deeply personal. As a proud mother of a wonderful 17-year-old young man, she understands the importance of giving people with disabilities a voice to choose what is best for them. She has been featured in the media numerous times, including on Telemundo and Univision, where she discusses resources for families. Her expertise has also taken her abroad, representing the United States on Self-Determination at the International Conference for the Rights of Education of Persons with Disabilities from Asian Countries.

Through her work with IFTA and her extensive knowledge in resources and services for individuals with developmental and Intellectual disabilities, Ms. Lasca has become a prominent figure in the self-determination and developmental disability communities. Her motto is to help people by empowering voices, igniting dreams: Advocating for self-determination with expertise, passion, and heart.

Contact me at [email protected]

picture of Rosie Lasca smiling

What are other students saying?

I have had the great opportunity to learn from Ms. Lasca over many different platforms in my life. From special education legal clinics, advocacy for Generic Resources, and intensive self-determination program training. Ms. Lasca's extensive knowledge of various programs gave me the necessary skills to provide outstanding support for the families I serve

Ms. Lasca puts a lot of time and effort into disseminating knowledge, attention to detail, and providing in-depth and detailed information. In addition, Ms. Lasca was always available if I needed more support or clarification about the subject matter. Ms. Lasca can make some of the most challenging curricula easier to grasp by being very structured, clear, and organized. She is a passionate instructor who truly cares about her student's success.

-Sherry Johnson

I have taken one of Rosie’s trainings before, and by far was the most informational that I have taken in a very long time. Along with the previous one, I learned and gained information that will be very valuable to my work not only is an independent facilitator, but also as an advocate for education and generic services. Rosie is one of the best trainers I’ve seen, and I don’t say that lightly. I look forward to every other training she’s going to do because I know one thing when I’m done taking the training, I will definitely walk away with more knowledge than I had. Rosie, you’re an excellent trainer and an excellent presenter and with your help there will be some great independent facilitators Because of these courses. Thank you so much, it was worth every penny and more!


-Danielle Alvarado


"This was definitely a spectacular course! I have done other Independent Facilitator trainings, but this one was different. It's interactive, engaging, and, most importantly, it's full of valuable information. And if you have questions, Rosie answers them right away! I strongly recommend and encourage anyone who wants to be trained in this beautiful world of being able to help people who need it most to take this course. Also, it's at your own pace. Thank you, Rosie, for your excellent work and dedication!"

Thanks again,

-Carla Ghiotti
Independent Facilitator Assistant


As an aspiring Independent Facilitator, I quickly realized that the DDS required training alone would not be sufficient for me to serve even one client well. Despite my best efforts to network and research what I could find online, I knew that I’d need to invest and get some professional training. In my search I found The Independent Facilitator Training Academy website and booked an hour consultation with Rosie Lasca. Honestly, her website isn’t remarkable so I wasn’t expecting much. But I cannot tell you how invaluable that hour was on that day and on the days following when I booked more sessions. Her expertise in this field is quite amazing as the SDP program hasn’t been around more than a decade and I haven’t met anyone as knowledgeable since.
Rosie is truly dedicated to my success. I pay for an hour but she has always looked at my work or questions in advance and then does follow ups to ensure my needs have been met. She also has small business experience and spent hours helping me with my business plan.
 It feels great to have a mentor! I’m just getting started but I hope to empower others the way she has me. Thank you, Rosie! You make a real difference.  

My very best, Lori Ross